Ivory Cost

Digital Agriculture Profile • Côte D’Ivoire


Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the Ivorian economy, contributing 20% of total GDP1 and employing nearly half of the national labor force.2 Nevertheless, agriculture in Côte D’Ivoire faces ongoing challenges in terms of environmental degradation, policy, basic services, and unsustainable or non-resilient practices.3 Addressing these constraints offers the potential to revolutionize national economic prosperity even as population growth and climate change progress. The emergence of digital agriculture provides a new portfolio of potential solutions to address these challenges. Digital agriculture is the use of new and advanced technologies, integrated into one system, to enable farmers and other stakeholders to improve their products and processes.4 Integrating digital solutions into agriculture can improve efficiency by decreasing financial and labor costs, providing information to support management decisions, increasing product quantity and/or quality, reducing losses, and/or ensuring effective and sustainable use of resources. Ultimately, the transition to digital agriculture presents a unique opportunity to spur sustainable economic growth and development by addressing major challenges in the Ivorian agriculture sector.

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